About me

My name is Arslan, and I live in Southeast Europe. I am an experienced community manager and developer. With multiple years of experience in community management and moderation, I have a good understanding of issues and how to resolve them in the best way possible.

I specialize in managing and moderating gaming and development-related spaces, especially within the Emergency Response: Liberty County community on Roblox. I am experienced in managing staff teams, creating documentation, and general server management.

Within the development side, I am an experienced Roblox builder specializing in creating and designing virtual spaces such as maps. I am currently learning Python using the discord.py API wrapper for Discord and practicing on simple Discord bots.

My Positions

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    Los Angeles Roleplay Community


    The largest Los Angeles roleplay-based community on the ERLC, Roblox. We offer one of the best roleplay experiences, providing loads of departments and jobs you can work as, as well as our fully whitelisted server. We are working on a daily basis on improving your experience.

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    Circle is the easiest way to bring moderation, logging, reaction roles, and more to your Discord community. Well rounded, simple, Circle.

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    Sandbox Studios

    Community Manager

    Our team of developers is a melting pot of diverse individuals who share a passion for roleplaying. Our aim is to provide you with solutions that make your roleplaying experience as immersive and unforgettable as possible.

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    Contributor & QA Tester

    Melonly is a ER:LC moderation service that gives private servers the ability to store moderation logs, track staff activity, and cooperate as a team.

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    QA Tester

    Trident is a bot made for managing your roleplay servers. We integrate many features such as shift logging, moderation logging, activity tracking and more. Our main goal is user experience, we frequently post updates regarding Trident and ensure feedback is acknowledged.